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Fascination DRUMS ! Here is my interpretation of what real  GOOD drumming means and what it is all about.

Anybody who has ever tried to tell the left and right hand to do different things at the time  - while your left foot keeps going steady with the hi-hat and your right foot tries to keep pounding the bass drum with a certain pattern - will know that this is a dexterity some people may never achieve. Aside from remembering all kinds of different rhyhmic patterns your drumsticks may have to hit the snare drum twice with one movement of the hand ( “Mamma-Pappa-Rule” ) - given the right speed and pressure of the hand. And even if you do all of this just right you have to think AHEAD OF TIME while playing your routine - knowing that your special trick or sequence of tom-toms and cymbals  is to come at a future, absolutely correct time. This coordination of different actions, all in sync, has to be learned gradually to be able to do it at a later stage automatically ( = subconsciously).

Now - some drummers seem to do a good job - until you listen to a real talent. Two additional aspects need to be taken into account to judge whether it is good or average:

a) precision of stroke and

b) complexity of a repititious routine.

example a) Brian Bennet playing “ Tales Of A Raggy Tramline“

example b) Bernhard Purdie on “Get Out Of My Life”

My favorite sound and pattern on the drums had been influenced by Sandy Nelson . “Let There Be Drums” was THE ultimate in powerful, yet not aggressive drumming.You will find this type of drumming , which is characterized by a continuous soundpattern on the tom-toms while the snare drum sets accents, highlights and is used only to increase power - not for continuous use !

example 2


With the overwhelming number of drummers you find in cyberspace I won’t even attempt to list all drummers I like - there are a lot more good drummers I may not even have heard of anyway.

 So - on this site you’ll find those I adored in the 60s and 70s - no complete collection - just a few to give you an appetite to dig into this field.

The best of all links for drumming covers most of this field :