of the 50s, 60s and beyond....


of the 50th, 60th and beyond...-well - here is a “beyond” group - and they deserve some attention..

In 1977 an instrumental appeared from nowhere - and it was on all radiostations in Germany - by the name of “ INDIGO”. Wow - a new sound ! And all of my friends loved it . Meanwhile the group - mainly  DIETER GEIKE - kept on producing albums like  FANTASIA 1980 - WINDMILLS 1981 - HOMELAND 1983 - INSIDE 1985 - TIME TO REMEMBER 1990 - TREE OF LIFE 1993- JOURNEY TO THE WINDWARD ISLANDS 1993

Listening to the short sound clips below and you will have to acknowledge the exceptional talent and feeling for music . I think they deserve a place in my collection.

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