of the 60s, 70s and beyond....


The sound of the guitar is unique and still ranks as   no. 1 of all sounds in contemporary music.

Do you remember hearing REBEL ROUSER by Duane Eddy for the first time - or APACHE by The Shadows ? What about WIPE OUT by The Ventures or  Santo & Johnny’s great SUMMERTIME rendition?

Europe’s first guitarists like Joergen Ingman or The Spotnicks surely deserve attention even today.

Another aspect needs attention : A lot of singers work into their songs fantastic - yet sometimes short -  instrumental interludes. Didn’t  Jose Feliciano reward us with pure instrumentals and certainly Mark Knopfler belongs to the category of those gifted instrumentalists as well..

So - let’s dig into the world of popular guitarmusic as played by the greatest contemporary players.