of the 50s, 60s and beyond....

We grew up with The Spotnicks, Duane Eddy, The Ventures, Roy Clark, Booker T, Jimmy Smith and all those artists who still have their influence on contemporary music.

Our highschool band in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1965 - starting out with a most primitive drum set. Later I won (!) a SONOR - drumset with tomtoms, cymbals and all the goodies .The first band was named “The Razzmatazz” - inspired by the one of THE SHADOWS’ last words : “ I just razzamatazz”.R&R was comparatively easy- but the instrumentals required absolute discipline and skill and most of the time we were disappointed that the original sound somehow never came out right.

how it all began ...






In Darmstadt, Germany, we played mostly for fraternity parties, New Years Eve and other occasions. Later a new group was formed in Munich, including a violin and occasionally a piano.

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Oye Come Va

Bye Bye Love

Rudi’s Blues

Here are some guaranteed unplugged sound samples of our former band by the name of “ LOS DESTRUCTIVOS”- recorded live during a party without any amplifiers - just acoustic guitars and  lots of fun....

These days......?

Glad to see, how many still cherish good instrumentals...

...dreaming to see Duane Eddy or The SHADOWS in concert some day....