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Great contemporary instrumental “popular” music is hard to come by these days. I’d like to share with all the music lovers on this globe the best instrumental pieces of music which surely will have the attribute of “Classics” in years to come..

During the last 40 years many instrumentals could be heard - mostly on radio. Many made it to the charts - however a vast number of those musical gems never were a commercial success - that is they never were “consumed” by the masses.Yet, they were so well done that they still convey the thrill and excitement we felt when we heard them for the first time.

What deserves the attribute “great” when it comes to music ? Well, every artist or every band has or had has its great moments and phases of unparalleled creativity - moments in which they reach a climax in virtuosity or musical feeling they may never achieve again. Those special moments are here to be preserved.

So - please enjoy  my collection and maybe you’ll get some good vibrations, too.

P.S. The sound-samples are of inferior quality and are only meant as a first impression for your personal enjoyment.   For further details please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Please be patient when loading each site - I don’t want you to miss the sounds and pictures..

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